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Refund Policy

In order to ensure the rights and interests of both parties, our company has specially formulated the following refund policy. Please read it carefully. When you place an order for payment, it is deemed that you have read and understood this refund policy.

Cancellation and refund period:

1. Wrong order placed: Our company's order cancellation time is limited to 48 hours. If you place an order in error, you need to cancel the order within the specified time and apply for a refund. Otherwise, the refund will not be granted.

2. Order Change: Our company's order change time is three days, during which you have the right to change the products and services you need.

3. Refund period: Our company's refund period is 3-5 working days.

Refund amount:

1. Unconditional refund: If the product is not qualified due to our mistake, we will refund unconditionally. If the product is not qualified due to an error in your order or incorrect description of the requirements, we will only refund a portion of the amount.

2.If you need to cancel the order for other reasons, we will deduct a certain amount of management fees or cancellation fees.

3.If you have already started using its services, you may only be able to refund a portion of the payment or not receive a refund.

Payment method:

Refunds may be refunded according to the original payment method, for example, if you pay using a credit card, the refund amount will be refunded to your credit card account. However, if you use other payment methods, such as bank transfer or third-party payment, you may need to provide additional information so that the service provider can refund the amount to your account.

In summary, to avoid unnecessary losses, you should carefully read our service agreement, understand our refund policy, and consult our customer service for more detailed information before purchasing network technology services.
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