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Terms & Conditions

We provide technical services in the field of the Internet, such as website layout design, software development, APP development, system maintenance, and other services. When conducting network technology service transactions, in order to ensure transaction security and the rights and interests of both parties, the following transaction rules have been formulated.

Determine transaction content: Before placing an order, you should clarify the service content and standards of the transaction, including product service type, specific service content of the product, delivery time, service term, payment method, etc.

Before placing an order, you need to carefully read the service content of the product you have selected. Once placing an order, we will assume that you have carefully read and understood our product service content. Unless otherwise specified, the service content you have purchased cannot be changed.

Confirm payment information: You need to carefully confirm the amount of the service product you need to pay. Once the order is successfully placed, it will be deemed that you understand and agree to the amount of this product. No refund will be granted unless there are special circumstances.

Service quality assurance: When you purchase our service products, we will provide you with corresponding services that meet the product quality and deliver the corresponding products to your order on time.

After sales service: We will provide you with certain after-sales services, including free services such as product maintenance, as well as paid services such as system upgrades.

Security guarantee: We should protect personal privacy information to avoid infringing on your rights. You should also protect our intellectual property and not disclose it to other third parties to avoid infringing on our rights.

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